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Saturday, May 26, 2007

When will it be over?

It's official! I HATE HATE HATE my Jaywalkers! But it's ok because I shall love them again in a few days!

Let me explain... I don't suffer from 2nd sock syndrome. I'm usually so thrilled with finishing the first of a pair that I can't wait to cast on it's sibling. This was as true as ever, if not more so, in the case of the 2nd jaywalker.

Unfortunately I suffer from half finished 2nd sock syndrome! I get to the point, when I'm not very far from finishing, that I just want to hurl said sock out of the window. It takes on a demonic like quality..calling to me and laughing at me...."You know I'm here, come finish me!" but I'd rather boil my head than keep going round and round and round and round!

Then I had the 'great idea' of joining the sockamonth thing so now I have even more pressure to finish the blasted socks! All because I live in the vain hope that I might win some more sock yarn so I can start the whole vicious circle all over again!

Here is the offending article, only 35 more rounds plus the toe to go but only 5 days left to finish them:


Sarah said...

Come on, you know you can do it, that yarn is so pretty it needs to be finished!

Kath said...

That's a lovely looking sock there. They are sooo comfy to wear so keep going - not too far to go now and at least you are using circulars and not dpns which I hated using with my Jay's they felt like they went on for ever! It will be worth the effort I'm sure!