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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A valuable lesson learned?

I'm feeling just a tad cheesed off tonight. I suppose it's my own fault...I've read enough posts on the angel forums to know I should have expected this!

I saw my sis tonight and gave her the newly finished Jaywalkers. I knit them for her because we both have a bit of 'a thing' for soft, thick socks. I thought she would love them, as I do! But I was disappointed with her reaction...

She was pleased I think but her reaction was fairly muted. She didn't even try them on til I asked her to to see if they fit.

So, I have learned a lesson today...not to knit gifts for people who haven't asked for them! (Babies excepted!) Jomp's says that it's just that people don't appreciate how much time & effort has gone into them. Which I guess is true. Still disappointed tho........

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Knit Nurse said...

Get them back. I will have them. They are gorgeous! I knitted a pair for a gift but fortunately they were totally appreciated. She may be your sister but if she's not a knit-appreciator, just get her some bath cubes next time!