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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sock-A-Month 2007

I have joined my first knit-a-long type thingamyjig! It's sock-a-month 2007 and looks great! I may use the Jaywalkers to get started although I tend to think that's cheating a bit. However, everyone else has had a whole 16 days more than me so will probably use the Jaywalker in the end. One lucky person each month wins some luscious sock yarn....mmmmm!

I picked up my new glasses today, super funky they are too. Completely not me at all but I love them! So I should for what they cost... could have bought many many skeins of yarn instead! I guess it's better that I can see properly, don't you think?!


DianeM said...

Hehe I always measure the cost of things in how much yarn I can buy too!

nanatoo said...

I need some new glasses but they're probably going to have to be varifocals so I've put that off in place of yarn :D

The Sophia Jaywalker is beautiful!