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Friday, May 18, 2007

Knitting backwards.

Grrrrrr. I made a mistake in my 2nd Jaywalker. Jomps and I were fantasising about winning the lottery whilst I was knitting last night....lost my concentration and messed it up! Have spent this evening tinking back 3 and a half rounds!!! I'm not a happy bunny!

So then I needed a break and thought I'd find out why it's called 'tink'ing, thinking there must be some really clever reason. Found my answer on Angel Yarns: It's just 'KNIT' spelt backwards because you are knitting backwards, ie, unpicking stitch by stitch!

Gosh, my blog is grumpy tonight. Lots going on around here and I guess it's rubbing off a bit online. I will make sure my mood has improved before I post again, I promise!

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