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Monday, May 07, 2007

A bit of background....

I guess I should say a bit about myself and how I got interested in knitting.

I remember my Grandma teaching me to knit when I was perhaps 9 or 10. I was sat by her side with pretty thick needles and red (I think) wool in my hands. I don't think it was too long before I was holding a knotted 'scarf' that was so tight I couldn't force the neddle into each new stitch! I clearly remember hating knitting and wondering why she spent so much time on it!

Fast forward 20 odd years...

My Grandma, sadly, died in 2003. No-one else in the family seemed to knit or do any sort of craft. I had, over the years, tried my hand at a number of hobbies including cross-stitch, but they had all fallen by the way side. Jomp's (my DH) had gotten quite used to seeing me get all enthused about something new only to see me give up when the going got tough - I'm a typical Capricorn - I can't bear to do anything that isn't perfect!

Then, I became pregnant! Looking back now, it seems that not only had we concieved our little bundle of joy but a love of knitting began to grow within me too. Almost as soon as that little blue line appeared on the test, I had an urge to knit for my unborn child. I think it was because I knew my Grandma had knitted furiously for my four nieces when they were born and I knew that my little one would never have that.

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