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Monday, May 21, 2007

200 knitted blocks - #1 of 200

We had the day off today and needed cheering up so off we headed in to town, despite the fact it's Payday this week and we are broke! I bought a new book in the hope of finding some enthusiasm for a big project. It's 200 knitted blocks by Jan Eaton:

Pictured underneath is my 1st square, or part thereof, named 'Plain leaf':

I chose this one as it looked unusual and was really pleased with my progress. I was thinking how clever it all was, making a 3D object out of a flat length of wool. Then Jomp's ruined it by snorting "What IS that meant to be??" All he could see was something that looked really rude!! What do you think?

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Webbo said...

Oh my. Now you've pointed it out, yes, I do see the rude possibilities of that pattern, especially in pink! However, I've actually got a blanket made (not by me) of squares of that pattern sewn together so the leaves meet at the stems, and pieced together it doesn't look naughty at all.