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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Pretty skeins....ugly balls!

Back to work I went today..... and pretty horrible it was too.

The one light spot was my lunchbreak when I managed to get a good few rounds of my Jaywalker done. I was knitting in the staff 'tea room' and noticed lots of people casting sideways glances at me to see what I was doing. This made me think about how my knitting must look to other people....DPN's everywhere linked by a ball of wool.

Now I'm in love with my Posh Yarn cashmere. I would have it's babies if I could! But, I realised other people wouldn't like it so much as me.....because I've seen it in a skein! It's just so pretty in a skein, I could look at it (and stroke it!) for hours but I love it far less when it's been wound into a ball. Why is this? Am I the only one to feel like this? I may have to post a Poll on the Angel Yarns forums to find out!

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gilraen said...

What's not to love about Posh yarns ? :)

Lovely Jaywalkers :)