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Friday, August 31, 2007

I survived!

Caution: Photo heavy post....none of which are even remotely knitting related!
Well, we made it. 5 days at Pontins, Brean Sands. 4 kids, ranging from 16 (going on 40) to 17 months. 2 adults (now feeling like OAP's). A great time was had by all...well, almost all!

Thankfully, we didn't have a drop of rain, I didn't spot one cockroach (you should read the reviews, no wonder I was dreading it!) and the car that we hired (as our car died) got us there in one piece!

We visited Tintern Abbey, an Animal Farm and Stonehenge.

Tintern Abbey is just beautiful and well worth a trip across the Severn Bridge. We went last year when Beth was just 13 weeks old. Now she's approaching 18 months and had a great time exploring!

The Animal farm was fantastic for little ones, really tame animals, so tame that even Beth managed to feed a cow! She had a lovely afternoon with me & Daddy whilst Jess, Tom & Grace were at an amusement park. (Have you ever tried to keep such a broad age range happy? It's bl**dy difficult, let me tell you!)

Then we stopped via Stonehenge on the way home. They're all a bit tired, can you tell?!

So, as we approached Stonehenge, a little voice from the 9 year old piped up, "What's that?". Thinking she meant the big circle of stones I started to speak then she added "Is it a car boot sale?"!!!! She'd spotted the car park! I'm hopeful that this is the first and last time that a World Heritage Site is described as a 'Car Boot Sale'!!

During our last evening's dinner, we asked if they'd all had a good time. The response was "well, it's not our sort of holiday but we've had a good time". I wanted to scream " Do you think it's our bl**dy sort of holiday...crammed into a sardine tin with you lot trying to keep you all happy?" But of course I didn't, we just smiled!

Kids...who'd have 'em?!!

Me?... I need a holiday!!
Edited to add: Oh, and I managed a whole 10 rows of another dishcloth...whoopy doo!


Anonymous said...

Welcome home Mom!!!
Oh, and welcome to mother-dom of teenagers...

Eventually it will get better, it just takes awhile. When that magik moment comes... it is oh so sweet to savor.

Package #1 will be on its way to you soon.
Your SP

Queen of the froggers said...

You need a pampering holiday after that! I love stonehenge and your piccies of the abbey are nice.

KSD said...

It is sad that one holiday requires another. I do admire your bravery, though!

Jo028 said...

I love the 'car boot' pics, I'd actually rather go to the booty LOL! Glad you had a nice time. My 16yr old ds refuses to do family hols now! Dishcloths have missed me (thankfully) but that looks really good in those colours!