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Friday, August 17, 2007

And they're off!

Off the needles....my fetchings are done! Quite possibly the quickest thing I have ever knit. No pics to show yet as the light is bad but I love them soooooo much! It's a fantastic pattern with beautiful wool....what more could a knitter want? I have a feeling that I shall be making many many more pairs but I really don't mind because I LOVE MY FETCHINGS!!!!!!

The Secret Pal's are off too! I received my match on Wednesday evening and have had a good stalk of their questionnaire, blog and Ravelry pages. I was a little disappointed as she lives in the UK and I was hoping to spoil a foreigner with such lovelies as Posh Yarn cashmere, humbugs and Yorkshire tea but nevermind! I sent her an anonymous email saying hello but haven't heard anything back yet not have I heard from my upstream pal either so it's all a bit quiet on that front! I've already placed an order for my pal's first package tho! I could really get into this S.E.X. that's not for me, I always feel a bit guilty buying yarn for myself!

I realised I hadn't said 'hello!' to my Secret Pal in case they happen to pop in so 'Come on in, pull up a chair and make yourself at home...kettles on and biscuits are in the tin!'

Right...must go do some knitting!


Littlelou said...

Hello..just browsing blogs and liked reading yours. I have recently taken up knitting and don't quite know all the lingo. My fiance is sick of hearing me talk of wool and buttons so i have started my own blog.
I need knitty pals, haha.

Anonymous said...

Hey there SP!!! One of these days we will have sit and knit and have tea together.

Sarah said...

Fast work on the Fertchings, looking forward to seeing them.

Jo028 said...

Looking forward to seeing your Fetchings, the colour is really nice. Nice knitting doll, we only had old cotton reels with nails in when we were kids, we called it 'corking'. Either I'm showing my age or it's a Brummie thing!