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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Toss me a lifeline

Did I mention in my last post that MS3 is my first lace project? Oh, I did?

Did I also mention that I always know best, no matter who tells me? No? Funny that!

I didn't start my first lace project without doing a fair bit of research first, which included stuff on chart reading and lifelines. I'd also read a number of blog entries where knitters had tried lace and had to frog the whole lot due to a mistake and a lack of a lifeline. But that was ok, because I wasn't going to make any mistakes was I?? So, I didn't need lifelines either, did I? And I certainly didn't need to learn from other peoples mistakes...no, definately not!!

Can you guess where this is going??

Yep, I had to frog the whole damn lot last night! The picture in the last post shows a distinct lack of a lifeline, does it not?

What about this one?

I have learnt my lesson! Well, the lifeline lesson at least!

But, it would seem, not the lesson about getting what you pay for. I bought beads from eBay but the paint rubs off the beads very easily so they end up sort of clear with a hint of shine instead of a lovely copper colour. It seems that in the case of beads, you definately get what you pay for!

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