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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Stash Diving!

This evening I've been a very good girl! My stash, small as it is, was beginning to peek up from the side of the couch and out of the little 'stash' drawers that I have. Not only was it all beginning to look a real mess with carrier bags all over, I spilt coffee over it the other day! Thankfully most was saved by the carrier bags but there were a couple of fatalities!

So, I was prompted into action. I bought some stiff weaved bags on sale in the BHS kitchen section which are just gorgeous and perfect for the job! (Pics to follow) I have spent this evening sorting through and documenting my stash....Ravelry here I come.... so now I have one large bag full of stash that I have no idea what to knit with, one medium bag full of 'queued' yarn, ie, those that I already have projects in mind, and one smaller bag as my current WIP's bag. All very organised!!

I am a great fan of Sarah's blog. Not only is her writing always cheery, I just love her photos. She seems to have this knack of setting up a beautiful picture whereas I just point and click and forget to look at what I'm actually taking. With this in mind, I've set myself a mini project. I want to design my own blog template and have a picture in the title bar such as this or this blog.

If anyone out there has any handy tips on templates, please send them my way!

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Sarah said...

Oh thank you so much for the compliment! I spend my blog reading wishing my photos looked as amazing as all the ones I see so I am trying harder with mine, and I'm glad you like them :)

Acrylik's pic is fab isn't it, can't see stitchnsue as I'm at work and I guess it's on Flicker. I spent quite a while playing with the template to get it like I wanted and I'm always tweaking it!