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Friday, June 29, 2007

Mass consciousness

Today there has been a turning point in my experiences of knitting. Normally when I knit, it's late in the evening, after little pickle has gone to bed, dinner has been eaten, the house has been tidied and Jomp's is doing his own thing. I sit on my couch, in my corner and lose myself in that evening's current project. My thoughts often wander back over the days events and I find myself wishing I'd done this or said that. Jomp's and I periodically chatter but mostly it's a fairly solitary hobby.

Today has been different. The first clue for Mystery Stole 3 was released. I put the little one down for her nap and cast on.

It's my first lace project and I really had to concentrate on each stitch, no daydreaming for me this afternoon. But it was strangely comforting knowing that a large percentage of three thousand people world over were knitting the same stitches as I was. It was like coming home, familiar surroundings in a strange place.

I am not a joiner. Never have been, never will be. I've never had lots of friends, usually just a few very close mates. I join forums, each time swearing that I'll be one of those people who seem to spend every waking moment posting humerous answers to other peoples woes. But each time I join, I realise that I have absolutely nothing of interest to say so I do what I do in real life...blend into the background and keep my mouth shut.

If this sense of belonging, even a sense of community continues, I can tell that I shall be joining lots of knit-a-longs. I feel all warm and fuzzy!

But, knowing me, it will all wear off pretty damn quick and this time next week I'll be posting about how much this knit-a-long lark annoys me! That's me...fickle, fickle, fickle!!


Claire said...

Would you believe I had to get out my MS3 and hold it up to my monitor to compare my stitches with yours? I'm doing my first 'real' lace too, never having been much of a joiner and I'm trawling the net looking for others knitting along to see how they are doing and if they are as petrified as I am.

I've not even admitted (on my blog) to signing up for MS3, just in case it all turns to poo and I bury it under the patio.

I'm so glad mine looks like yours! It's very comforting to know I'm not alone!

Janey said...

I know exactly what you mean Claire! I've also had to make sure that mine looks exactly like what everyone else is producing!

Sarah said...

Ooh looking good so far.

The community side of blogging/knitalongs etc is so wonderful - I love how it takes us out of our homes and into the bigger world of knitters.