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Friday, June 08, 2007

Revelry at Ravelry??

Today I received my invite to join Ravelry as a beta tester. It looks fab so far! I can see that I'm going to get even less done ( knitting, housework, laundry, whatever!) than normal as it's so much fun to plug in all your wips, stash, future projects etc! And when you're bored of that, you can then spend hours looking at everyone else's stuff!!

I put my name on the waiting list a good few weeks ago and waited patiently til my invite arrived. Although it seems that some people are not so patient and were harassing the developers! It's such a shame that people give up their time to help others and all they get is hassle! I, for one, send my thanks to Jess and Casey (the owners/developers) of Ravelry as this is going to be an amazing knitters resource when it's up and running.

Now, must go do some laundry..... or shall I just have another 15 minutes surfing?!

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