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Friday, June 15, 2007

A compliment? Maybe, maybe not.

This morning Beth & I went out to her little group. The weather couldn't decide what to do so I put her in summer clothes with a cardi over the top and off we went. The group went really well ( Beth even took a few steps!) and so we got ready to leave. As I put her cardi on, another mum commented on it saying how lovely it was.

It was then that I admitted to my fairly new group of friends that I'm a knitter. I'd expected scorn and ridicule but everyone was amazed that I'd knit this cardi:

My most favourite comment was " It's lovely, I thought you'd bought somewhere like Next."

I came away glowing with pride. However, I've since thought alot about it.

1) Why was I embarassed to admit that I knit? I'm proud of what I've achieved knitting wise in the last couple of years and yet I expect to be scorned if I mention it?

2) Is it such a great compliment that someone thought it was from Next? Don't get me wrong, I love Next stuff, especially for my little one. But their items are mass produced, in far-off countries, probably by children being paid peanuts or less.

Whereas my little cardigan took hours of my time, each stitch bursting with love (corny, eh?!) and cost more in materials and time than any item on the high street. I like the idea that hand knitted items look handmade, that strangers can see that someone loves my precious girl enough to knit for her.

I know that my friend who made the comment meant it as a compliment and that was how I took it. But I think I shall be a little more careful when choosing my words to compiment other knitters items in future!

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Sarah said...

Hard to say exactly the right thing about hand made items isn't it? Definitely a compliment but also it is so superior to a high street item that is doesn't do it justice. Maybe just it's lovely will have to do!