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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

As promised!

Here are my 50 percenter socks!

I still haven't cast on for the second socks which is most unlike me but I do have a good excuse!!

I have signed up to the 'Mystery Stole 3' knit-along and have spent all my time trying to find the perfect yarn! I've decided upon some 100% cashmere from Colourmart and some beads from Totally Beads. I'm just waiting for the yarn to arrive so I can swatch before the knitalong starts on Friday. The group is closed for sign ups on July 6th so hurry up and get yourselves over there!
So far there are over 3000 members signed up so I think it's going to be great fun. I like the idea of only being able to do as much as each clue allows you to do each week. It also means that I should still be able to get the second hedera done too!!


Susan Pandorf said...

Lookin good, Janey! I haven't signed up for the mystery shawl. I have so many already in queu(spelling?)

Maybe next year...

Sarah said...

The Hedera is very beautiful and that dinky sock is very cute indeed.