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Friday, October 19, 2007

A quick knit....an even quicker frog!

What a god awful wek it's been. Our little pickle threw up 8, yes 8, times on Saturday night. Most of it all over me! Diarrhoea on Sunday. Poor little thing was not a happy bunny. Neither was Mummy!

Monday I came home sick from work. I thought I was getting the same bug but no, I was fluey and horrid. Spent two days on the couch, too horrid even to knit. Back to work Wednesday.

Cue the next bout of throwing up from pickle. Everywhere! More diarrhoea! Yuck! Then today she's got a nasty cold! Aaaaagh!!

Still, I managed some knitting yesterday. I had a lovely delivery from Get Knitted this week and couldn't wait to get started. We've bought pickle a new winter coat and she needs a hat to go with it so:

Pattern: Eazy Roll Brim Hat by The Knitting Fiend
Yarn: Colinette One Zero. Colourway: Blue Saturn
Size: 18" Head Circumference
Knit for: Beth
Comments: Such a quick knit! Less than 3 hours start to finish! The pattern is actually a hat generator where you plug in the head circumference and your guage and a pattern magically appears!
Surely this would mean the hat would fit? Or at least nearly fit?

You'd think so wouldn't you? Well, the bugger doesn't fit, not nearly so!! It's at least 3 inches too big in circumference! And I hate the roll brim!

So, 3 hours knitting equals approximately 3 minutes frogging! I've started again and I'm doing my own pattern this time, 1st time ever not knitting to a pattern! We shall see how it goes...watch this space!


Leigh Russell said...

Well I like the roll brim. Mind you, this kid would look good in anything. I always think littlies look sweet in hats, hoods etc. Not so when they burgeon into horrible teenagers. Shame they have to grow up. Enjoy them, (wicked stepmother, as if!) Mine have grown up and left home now - so I've become an author. I write crime thrillers (described by my publisher as "seriously creepy") as a substitute. It's great fun!

Jo028 said...

I'd never thought that 1 hour knit = 1 minute frog, quite scary, shame about the hat, such a pretty colour too. I hope little one & you are on the mend. Mine have all been poorly with it too. CPH any more progress??!!

Anonymous said...

Poor Mummy, and Poor Pickle :(

I do hope both of you are perking up and sincerely send greatest of wishes that Jomps doesn't sucumb as well.

Love the Yarn, and must agree I think the hat looks really cute, but I am sure the next one will be just peachy (or blueberry as per the color) :)

Guess Who?

Sarah said...

Sending get well thoughts your way and hope that the next hat fits!

Queen of the froggers said...

I hope you are all better now. I like the hat, it looks cute on!