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Monday, October 29, 2007

Cherry Pickings

What a bad blogger I am... over a week since the last post. Never before, and hopefully never again!

We had such a good weekend with Jomp's kids. It's not often you'll hear me say that! The girls and I did some Kool-Aid dyeing which they thought was great fun! I did too. Well I did til I discovered how tangled Jess had got her skein. Jomps has now spent over 4 hours trying to get it untangled! Still, she was really pleased as it's something she can add to her A'level Textiles folder that no-one else will have.

Then we had an early firework night, gobbling down hot dogs and jackets, wrapped up against the cold, whilst Jomps set off feeble fireworks. I was certain that Pickle would go berserk but she amazed me, as always, by pointing and saying "Wow! Nights!" meaning Lights!

I have developed this reputation amongst the three of them. My nickname is 'The Maker' as I'm always 'making things'. They especially love home cooked food, something they never get at their Mums. On Thursday I made Gracie a birthday cake and on Sunday I made Treacle Tart but they got gobbled up before I could get the camera!

They all had such a good weekend that they even helped clean the house on Sunday morning! I want the clocks to go back every weekend because we got SO much done!

Knitting time was, understandably, limited. However, I've finished the left front now as well as the back:

The colours in these photo's are pretty true. I know the front looks shorter than the back but I can assure you they match up.

Here's my artistic shot that I love, just look at those cables!

And would you look at these! Aren't they pretty! They remind me of Pac Man, wasn't the bonus item always cherries?

Made by Vikki, they arrived prettily wrapped this morning. I've been stalking the postman for weeks but I guess they were caught up in the postal strike backlog. Make sure you check out her Ebay page!


Queen of the froggers said...

Don't those cables look gorgeous!

Sarah said...

Lovely cables - great colour.

Seahorse said...

CPH is looking gorgeous!

Jo028 said...

I'm in love with your CPH, yummy cabley goodness indeed :)