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Monday, October 15, 2007

Oh dear!

Is what my darling Jomp's utters as I try my hand at yet another hobby!
In my time with him (7 years) I've tried cross-stitch, designing blinkies, fish keeping, going to the gym (!), crochet, home-baking, blah blah blah! And over and over again, he's seen me try something, realise I'm no good at it and then resolutely put it in a corner to be discovered and binned years later.
The same with knitting....or so he thought! 2and a half years later and my skills are going from strength to strength! I have finally discovered something that I'm good at. I can't see a time when I will stop knitting. Perhaps when I'm old and grey (well, greyer than those awful few that keep cropping up now!) and my eyes are failing. But until then, never! I LOVE KNITTING!!
So now Jomps has forgotten all those failed hobbies, I thought I'd try a new one! Stitch markers! I've been looking at the efforts of Liz and ViKnits and decided to try my hand at a few myself. I only had a few beads in my button tin:

I really like the two with pink beads but I hate the pearly one! Nevermind, I thought! I'll try again, this time with Fimo, grown-up plasticine that goes hard once it's baked. That wasn't as easy as it looked either, will post pics of those when the light is better, along with pics of the back of my CPH and most of the left front.
Anyway, the moral of the story is: "If at first you don't succeed, try and try and try again (with a new hobby, then another and another!)


Susan Pandorf said...

You ARE a clever girl...

Blessings (and LOL!)

Viknits said...

It's good to try out new things!! It's one of the main spices of life!! Who cares if you don't succeed!
I'm sorry the stitch markers are taking forever to get to you :( It's so annoying, but there's nothing we can do. And yes, clay is surprisingly more difficult than I imagined it'd be!
I'm trying embroidery at the mo - have signed up for a compeitition to design and ebmroider 2 pillow cases in 3 weeks.. except I've never embroidered!! You thought you were bad!! :p ;)
Vik x

Viknits said...

Meant to add that a) your stitch markers look great!! I love em! and also b) the post below about ravelry alternatives is really funny, if I think of any more I'll post them! You should send that to the Revelry people!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your Jomps is like my Beloved... patient, tolerant, and knows you like he knows no other.

My Beloved has been through counted cross stitch, baking bread, deciding to be a home Diva, and several other bits - ALONG with Knitting. He understands that knitting is here to stay, and that he even benefits from it eventually.

good on you girl!!

Your SP