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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Sock Blockers Rock!

A good while back I left a comment on Lixie's blog as she had mentioned that someone had contacted her to say that sock blockers might be available in the UK soon. I was thrilled and left a comment saying so. Time passes. I forgot about the comment.

Then I had an email from someone saying that it was her and her husband who had started producing sock blockers. She asked if I'd be willing to test a prototype blocker and maybe write a small review for use on their eBay shop. Was I willing? Well, as you can guess, I jumped at the chance!

Nicky then sent me a prototype blocker in my size and I set to work!

The blockers are made in sustainable birch ply wood and then varnished with/without the birch tree logo.

Anyway, what did I think of the blocker?

Well, I've always wanted sock blockers but thought they were a lot of money for things you dry wet socks on! However, when mine arrived I was surprised by how weighty it was, and the thickness of it. No flimsy thing here, this little beauty is a good half an inch thick and beautifully finished.

For scientific purposes, I hand washed two pairs of my hand knits. I dried one of each pair on the blocker and the other one was dried flat.

Having never blocked socks before, the difference was amazing. In both the blocked socks the patterns were really opened up and much more visible. The Hedera on the right a just a tad snug but after blocking the sock was much more comfortable to wear. My cast on for toe down socks is always a bit tight but again, blocking relieved some of this tension making the socks easier to put on.

Let me just mention that I am in no way connected to Nicky or her shop Wightwood Sock Blockers and I'm sure that any well made sock blockers perform just as well as my prototype.

That said, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these blockers and I think it's nice to support a British company, not too far down the road from me as they start a new venture. I'm even going to order the 2nd blocker from them so I have a matching pair!

So, if you fancy treating yourself to some sock blockers, give Wightwood Sock Blockers a try! They even do children's sizes, starting at newborn, to give those gift socks a professional look!


scarletprincess said...

Wow I love how beautiful those blockers are. And your hederas..... stunning. I have only 1 of a pair made and for the life of me I probably wont find those production notes so that the 2nd would match properly!

Auntie Noo said...

They really do make the socks look better don't they? Must save up!

Sarah said...

Yey for UK made wooden sock blockers - I zipped straight over and ordered some :o)

Javajem said...

You socks are great! Even better now that they have sock blockers!

I love mine :)

Fiona said...

Gorgeous blockers and your socks looks ace too!