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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Honourable Mentions

There are a couple of people who have been deserving of a mention in the last few weeks but I've been a crap blogger and a crap cyber-friend so my apologies to:

Fiona from Knits, Knots, Gnats who nominated me as a

I'm such a saddo as I'm really thrilled to have received my first badge! I guess it's because it's a validation that someone out there takes the time to read the drivel that I write and perhaps even likes it!!

Fiona has done a great step-by-step guide to gloves that removes (at least for me!) some of the mystery that surrounds gloves! Check it out!

Another person who has brightened my day, more than once, of late is my secret pal, Cheryl. I've no idea who she is, or where (although I think she's in the US, yippee!) but I've a feeling that she's a lovely, kind, thoughtful person who I hope to keep in contact with after SP11 finishes. When I got back from our holiday with all the kids feeling knackered, exhausted, plain old worn out, call it what you will, there was a lovely e-card from Cheryl welcoming me home. Yesterday, in the midst of a rare but horrible 'radio silence' between Jomps & I she sent me a question asking which sock needles I prefer! It was so nice that even though I was feeling miserable at the time (all healed now, of course) someone was thinking of me!

So, Cheryl, if someone hasn't already recognised you, please award yourself the above badge and display it proudly for all to see! And thank you!

I must also mention my other secret pal who I'm having great fun stalking and buying for! I would love to show you what I've put together for her but I know that my blog is in her blog roll so she does occasionally visit and I don't want to spoil the surprise. I've got over the fact that she lives about 30 miles from me, rather than the 3000 or so I was hoping for, as at least we have the possibility of meeting up in the future if we wish. I do hope she likes what I've bought. I take refuge in the fact that I would love to receive the same parcel so fingers crossed!

And, whilst I'm on the 'I love everybody' path... to everyone who writes a blog that I read, thankyou! Almost every post that I read either raises a laugh or a smile or a knowing nod etc. I do feel like I've made some 'friends' through this blogging lark which I never expected. so thank you everyone!


Anonymous said...

Thank You so much Jane for recognizing me as a Rockin Girl Blogger. I will do my best to attempt to get that badge on my blog. I really was secretly hoping that one day someone might nominate me, but figured I would just have to be patient.
I am so glad I was able to brighten your day a bit when it counts the most.

I will tell you this much....

YEP, I am from the US

Tootles for now

Fiona said...

No need to apologise. Glad the nomination made you smile. And thank you for the very kind praise of my glove guide.