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Saturday, February 09, 2008

My name is Jane and I'm an addict


I've come to the realisation that I am indeed an addict. Nope, not the knitting addict that you were expecting (well I am but you and I both already knew that!) but I am addicted the the web.

We lost our broadband connection on Monday and got it back today (having paid BT £160 to come out and tell us the problem was our two routers rather than a problem with the line....gutted!). I really hadn't realised how much time I spend online and how much I rely on it.

Nevermind all the time I spend on Ravelry or all your blogs, I would think about baking flapjack and think I'll look a good recipe up......oh no I can't. Or Pickle needs a new hat, I'll look on Ravelry.....oh no I can't!

Of course, not having the web at your disposal does have it's advantages. Pickle has had a wonderful time with Mummy rolling around on the floor. The house is clean. And, wait for it, I have been knitting! I've finished my lovely Posh Baby Cable Rib socks and only have the finishing to do on the dreaded dolls clothes. Pics to follow on both.

So, I'm back. But I do think I'm going to try to spend less time on Ravelry. Not reading every single forum post really hasn't done me any harm, neither has not drooling over other peoples stashes! So I'm going to try limiting my time on there. Try, I said!

Before I go, the dolls clothes need a single crochet edging added and I'm no crocheter! Do you know of any good tutorials?


Auntie Noo said...

The house is clean????? - nah, even if I lost my internet for a month that'd never happen!!!!!!

Sarah said...

Good use of time but nice to see you back!

Is there a single crochet tut at knittinghelp.com?

Mandella said...

I had a look on You Tube and found several videos. This is quite a good one:


Just a word of caution; what the Americans call single crochet, we call double crochet. I think all the crochet stitches have different names on each side of the Atlantic.

I remember the days before the Internet. I actually used to finish things!