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Saturday, May 31, 2008

A change is as good as a rest?

It's been quiet over here, hasn't it?

I've been trying to put into words how I'm feeling but couldn't. Down? Yes but it's not descriptive enough. Fed up? Definitely yes but who isn't? Depressed? Maybe but that sounds such a serious word.

Then I was reading a blog, I forget what the subject was as I was just going from click to click, and there was the word I needed. 'Flat'. The author described how she was feeling and she was describing me.

So that's how I'm feeling. Flat. I think it sums my feelings up perfectly. There's no great ups but neither, thankfully, are there huge lows. Just this sense of being very low and not quite sure how to climb out of the little pit I find myself in.

I know why I'm feeling like I am and I know that those reasons aren't going to go away anytime soon. I really need to come to terms with a few things and get on with my life but for once, I'm finding it very hard to do.

So today, I sought solace in food! Not just any old food... home baking!

I know, I know! Food is not the answer but I needed to be busy and I've been reading lots of cupcake blogs so I fancied giving some a go!

While I baked cupcakes, the bread maker rocked and rolled it's own merry rhythm and produced this.

And whilst I iced the cupcakes

Jomps baked his first Victoria Sponge!

Surely all these goodies would make anyone feel better? I'll let you know when I've finished munching!


Auntie Noo said...

Hope they all made you feel better - you should have had quite a "sugar-high" if nothing else!!! LOL - the cup cakes look divine! mmmmmmm

Queen of the froggers said...

I find that when I am feeling flat if I go and treat myself and then work out a new knit or craft project then that helps. I hope the cakes helped anyway!

scarletprincess said...

ooh cake! Well looking at those made me feel better ;o)

Seriously though- I get exactly the same and have had some rough times over the last couple of years. Find something inspiring that stops you worrying or pondering over stuff- the break needs to be mental as well as physical. Hope you feel better soon

Fi x

Cheryl in VA said...

Hi Dear!! I have been thinking of you often, and end up getting caught in the ravelry web instead of writing to my friends.
I totally can appreciate where you are at... been doing some of that myself lately. I thrive on change, and yet sometimes it just overwhelms me.
In the meantime... go to my blog, I have tagged you to answer a short meme. I think it is the first one I have done, but it is a popular one.

I will try to get a note off to you soon.

Sarah said...

Hope they did the trick - certainly look good from here