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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Goodies, goodies everywhere

Well hello fellow bloggers! At least I hope there are some of left still checking in. I wouldn't blame you all for leaving, it's been so long.

I do hope you all had a lovely Christmas and that Santa brought you all that you wished for, knitting and otherwise. Now that the festivities are all but over, I'm sure you are longing, as I am, for peace and harmony to reign once more!

Talking of harmony, look what my SP11 spoiler sent me for Christmas:

KnitPicks Harmony DPN's! Aren't they lovely?

Along with some very soft Opal Silk. This gift sat under my tree for almost a month, taunting and teasing me every time I came into the room. But I was strong, resisting temptation save for the odd squeeze, til Christmas morning. Thank you so much Cheryl!

I got lots of other knitterly goodies too. From my lovely step-kids I received the fabulous Mason Dixon Knitting which is a very entertaining read. And Jomps really outdid himself... along with other bits and bobs he got me 2 knitting mystery novels "Died in the Wool" and "Knit fast, Die young" both by Mary Kruger, the fantastic Colinette Perugino Throw kit in Charade which I have been lusting after for a year

and wait for it, a rather large Posh Yarn gift voucher! I am absolutely over the moon and can't wait for the PY sale tomorrow! Didn't I do well?!

I promised my beloved Jomps that he would be wearing his PY Sophia socks on Christmas day. And I was true to my promise... just! I finished them at 10.30pm that evening and personally put them on his feet. I don't think he's taken them off once yet. Pics to follow, as the light has not been good.

I have also finished my first ballband dishcloth which is such a simple knit but so effective. I might still gift it so I won't post pics yet.

Anyway, we took our decorations down today and the house was cleaned from top to bottom so now I have a date with my couch, a huge tin of Roses and the Perugino for an evening of unadulterated knitting pleasure.

I shall post once the PY sale is done, and please forgive me if you plan to be there too....it's all mine, keep your thieving fingers off!


Mandella said...

What lovely Christmas gifts you got! The books are fun, enjoy them. If you like them, I can recommend Maggie Sefton too.

dee said...

ohh I am so jealous...I adore the harmony needles and want some sooo very much!